56 - Web Development & Branding


Construction / Trade


Premium Package

The clients brief was to develop a website and corporate profile to promote and enhance the existing website. Not having maintained the website for a number of years, the remodification of the website, encorporating all modern features and header images portrayed the website in a completely different and aesthetic light. Images and a theme was developed to compliment the content and intent of the business. Colours and main logos reamined the same with minor enhancements. There is potential to include Blogs, forums and other applications as the business grows. The site displays a variety of custom photoshop images which enhance the overall appearance and promotes a professional image.


32 - Web Development


Commercial Cleaning


Premium Package

The client's brief was to create a simple and clean website in order to provide a professional online presence. Showcasing a range of services on offer, development also included the creation of a blog and training so that the client could easily add new content and services to the website via the Content Management System.

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