Additional Services

Even though the team at StartUp specialise in web development and the installation and commissioning of 'new' websites on live servers, we do offer a range of additional services for our customers.

As every business owner would understand, there may be a time when their procedures / marketing / website content needs to get 'tweaked' in order to realign itself and expose itself fully to its intended market. Or it might be that for a personal project, you want to add some additional feature to your site for correspondence.

Whatever it may be, we will have a solution for you. Find to the right our additional services that we are happy to offer our customers. You will find the pricing affordable and the service 'second to none'. Complete customer satisfaction is assured. The fantastic prices offered for these additional services are for all customers..... You don't have to be an existing 'website package' customer to enjoy the savings of these additional services. On top of this, we provide these services as 'fixed price' deals, so you know fully upfront how much the service costs. If you would like to find out more about these services, and our current 'super affordable fixed price' price list, simply drop us a line. Go to Contact Us


Once registered, a detailed quotation will be provided based on exact client requirements.


StartUp Web Solutions is a boutique Website Development company offering quality website and graphic design services to the general public. We offer a complete range of services to get you online and portraying that professional image.


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We offer a variety of Website Services and cater to all budgets. See our Additional Services as well!

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