Order Process

OK, so you're serious about owning your own website.... Well, that is great news.

Due to the overwhelming response with regards to our fantastic packages, we have needed to implement a registration process for order commencement. Once you have perused this website and are interested in getting your very own website, please register for your site via the link at the top of the home page. This will generate a cue, and the small but busy team at StartUp will get in contact with you in a timely fashion. On StartUp contact, we will also include a link to a payment page for quick and easy payment. Once payment is made, a Website Brief is issued to the customer for completing and returning. This registering exercise enables a sequence to be followed based on a 'first in first served' approach and prevents any 'lag time' from payment of package by you to project launch by our implementation team.

As we want to be frank and upfront with our potential customers, we have put together a diagrammatic below to shed some light on the type of work being done behind the scenes once an order has been placed. This will enlighten you, our valued customer, that we are indeed working frantically to create and complete your own little piece of 'online identity'.

In order for the project to run smoothly, there are several 'customer inputs' required throughout the process. These inputs are illustrated in the timeline below, with each one being explained as follows:

  • Registration for website. Obviously the first part of the user input.
  • Initial Payment - 100% Website & Hosting cost to enable the StartUp team to commence the works.
  • Website Brief - (Quick Content Guide) A StartUp provided form for user input to detail website requirements and return to team.
  • Receive content - Any content (whether written or images) should be passed onto our team at this stage, so that we can review and get an initial idea of customer's ideas.
  • Minor amendments - The customer, via our amendment form, is able to review and comment, with any suggestions, on the developed website. Only one amendment will be performed by StartUp free of charge, so it is important that the client carefully reviews the website. Additional amendments and changes can be undertaken by StartUp for a fee, Refer to Additional Services for more information.

Find below a graphical representation of the process involved for the Website packages being offered. This provides a general overview of what 'workflows' are undertaken and also indicates when customer input or feedback is required. It also sheds some light regarding timelines and the steps involved, with approximate durations, in order to create the finished product. (Typical timeline for Premium Package. Other packages and non - complex Premium Packages are carried out within 3 weeks)


Once registered, a detailed quotation will be provided based on exact client requirements.


StartUp Web Solutions is a boutique Website Development company offering quality website and graphic design services to the general public. We offer a complete range of services to get you online and portraying that professional image.


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Order Process! To ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Our order process and project timeline bar shows exactly what we will be doing!