Is there a monthly cost?

No. The total cost advertised includes the first year's hosting fee. This includes the purchase and registration of your domain, setup up the website and the email. For hosting for the second and subsequent years, customers can elect to pay monthly. For piece of mind, our servers are located at 'top notch' data centres, located in Australia.

Why are you offering cheap websites?

We are offering websites at great value, because for far too long, website ownership (or for that matter, building your own website) has been so expensive and prohibitive. By changing our business model, we are emphasising on great value websites at affordable pricing, with efficient website hosting in order to increase our development volume and website turnover. Most companies are niche businesses offering expensive website development services with minimal client flowthrough. All our sites come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so we are sure you will be happy when you see what we've done!

What if i want to leave your service but keep the domain and website?

No problems with this. If you want to leave within the first year of service, any upfront payment made is not refundable. (If you are wanting to leave after the second year, there will be no annual payment forfeited, if you change to a monthly billing cycle). We also charge a $100 administrative fee for deactivating the hosting service and transfering the domain to the customer. We will happily assist you in this process. (not happily, but will act professionally and help you to migrate or move your site to any other web hosting provider).

What if I accidentally delete my website or emails? Can you get them back?

To keep our prices low we do not offer this facility. If you are interested in this facility, please see our additional services. We do, however, provide each customer with an original backup of the entire website on successful commissioning of the project. Backing up of websites is very simple to do, and this can be performed by the customer through the 'easy to use' customer interface called the Content Management System.

What if i want to have a custom  logo with my new website?

No problems again. We can do this for you! We can get your business image 'up to scratch'. Your branding is the first thing your customers see and remember, so it needs to be modern and relevent. We offer this as an additional service. We have a Logo Brief available for the customer to complete, so that we can provide them with exactly what they are looking for. Go to our additional services and request this feature.

Can i not just do this all by myself?

You certainly can. However, there is quite a large technical learning curve setting up your own email and website, migrating to a server, pointing domains to servers, and the list goes on.... By including these technical solutions on top of our 'super cheap' website packages allows our customers to feel comfortable that after they have paid for a particular package, they will get a fully functioning live website. For the beginner website owner, this is very important, and surprisingly, there are other companies out there who just want to provide 'one cog in the wheel', without fully knowing whether or not that the wheel will do its job!

What happens after I've booked my spot for one of these great packages?

This is all explained on our website. Why not pop back to our website by clicking the following link: If you need further queries answered, just drop us a line.

Who writes out the content for my site?

It's your business/organisation and website so you're the best person to decide what information you'd like published. You can use your ads, flyers, brochures and other business information to create your content. Once you have paid for your particular package, you will be provided with a Website Brief or Website Blueprint document, which you will be able to fill in all the content you require, and then shoot back to us so that we can 'get cracking'.

How can I change my content after the site is published?

Soon after your site is published for the first time, we’ll send you an ‘Amendment Guide’ document. You can use this document to review the completed site. We are interested in your comments and feedback, and also any changes, corrections or additions you would like to see incorporated. This is a free service. Any future amendment performed on the website will incure a fee, so please take the time to review carefully all pages and links of your site. Once you’re happy, we will publish your site on our live server.

What types of businesses and organizations can use your Basic package?

Anyone is able to use this service. Dependent on their 'end user requirements', all our packages are targeted for a wide range of personal and business solutions. It is really up to the customer to consider this and make a choice. If unsure, why not drop us a line and we will assist in choosing a type of package that best suits your needs! We provide web solutions to all clients wanting informational websites, corporate sites, products and services informational sites or not-for-profit sites. Our premium package also caters for e-commerce storefronts. Our clients range from trades people such as painters, carpet cleaners to professionals such as accountants and lawyers. Our most popular package for small businesses is the 'Standard' package.

Can I have photos, logos or any other graphic on my site?

We offer a custom design service and that means we will make the site to suit your needs. So of course you can have any graphic or photo on your long as you own the rights to use them. You can supply all images with your Quick Content Guide document. Refer to our package inclusions, as we offer a set number of images for each of our packages.

How about the quality of work?

All our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The layouts and graphics are cutting-edge and is similar to what you'd get out of any other reputable web design company. The only difference is that they will charge you several thousands of dollars for the same work.

Who owns the site once it's developed?

You'll own rights to all content supplied by you. Generally, we own rights to the design and layout. However, as all packages are needed to purchase web hosting initially up front for the first year, we are happy for these rights to be passed onto the customer. This was put in place to prevent our services getting abused by those wanting to move hosting to a company other than ours within the first year. Also, our Company name will be inserted generally at the bottom of each website developed (Just like in any other website you see out there) and cannot be altered or deleted, without the express permission, and subsequent approval of StartUp Web Solutions.

Finally..... What is the catch?

It's simple... there is no catch. We are a small web development company that operates on minimal overheads due to the flexible working arrangements of our team. By saving on expensive business premises leasing, we are able to pass on these savings to our customers. If you are dissatisfied with our service, you are under no obligation to keep your hosting account with us. You can terminate your hosting simply by contacting us at any stage before your yearly renewal date. We'll simply remove your site from our server and never bill you again. Please note that the hosting fee is paid annually and we don't have a refund policy on this.

Remember we upload your site to the live server, register your domain name, setup up your mail accounts, and set up your hosting account - all free of charge. Our website design and development costs are also affordable compared to other website design companies out there.


Once registered, a detailed quotation will be provided based on exact client requirements.


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